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REFUEL is a once a month worship service to nourish and

inspire your spiritual life. We refuel the second Sunday of every month from September through June each year).  


In addition, Champlin UMC has a commitment to an intergenerational spiritual experience, outreach into our community and children and their families. If you are longing for a community that seeks deeper spiritual connection, blended with an inclusive theology, REFUEL is a great RE-ENTRY back into church.  All are truly welcome here!


“We love the energy of the service and the overall upbeat music.” 


“We loved everything on the screen—it gets us looking UP and that feels more unified.”

“We love the intergenerational community that made lots of space for the next generations!” 


“REFUEL has really been fuel for the week. I like the call to action and the recap with the clear recurrence of the theme.”

“I really enjoy the streamlined service format……….just enough prayer, just enough scripture and then it is clearly all tied together.”


“Best service since I’ve been coming to this church.”

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