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Book Recommendations

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“It is our responsibility as persons of faith, and particularly as followers of Jesus in the Methodist tradition, to address the pervasive pandemic of racism. Racism refuses to see the image of God in every human person and fails to love others as God does. It divides and diminishes rather than recognizing the beauty of our common humanity in its rich diversity and our shared destiny as a human community. To work against racism is not a tangential “social issue” but is deeply spiritual work, work integral to our walk with Jesus.”

-Bishop David Bard, Interim Bishop, Minnesota Conference

We stand strongly by Bishop David Bard's statement and will continue to learn about and work against racism at CUMC.

"We can listen to the pain of others and we can choose to listen to and follow the leadership of people of color. We can own our accountability and the systems that protect some but harm others. We can be pushed to discomfort."

A prayer from Pastor Max

We encourage you to visit the Minnesota Annual Conference's Anti-Racism page for direction toward resources like the organization R-Squared, a resource hub for those seeking to engage and embrace cultural diversity and anti-racism, a Standing Against Racism video series, and so much more. 

Book Reccomendations

Titles for Kids

Daddy Calls Me Man by Angela Johnson.

A book about a young boy who is looking forward 

to filling his dad's shoes; he also learns how to be 

a big brother by learning from other members of 

his family.


Something Happened in Our Town:  

Parents had honest conversations with their children 

about a racial incident.  The children were able to 

implement what they learned in another situation at school.


I read Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper

A dad educates his daughter about how Juneteenth came about.


Please follow these links for storytime videos for the books. 


Titles for Adults


Between the World and Me by Ta-henisi Coates



A Good Time for the Truth by Sun Yung Shin


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