Anti-Racism              resources

Book Recommendations

Titles for Kids

Daddy Calls Me Man by Angela Johnson.

A book about a young boy who is looking forward 

to filling his dad's shoes; he also learns how to be 

a big brother by learning from other members of 

his family.


Something Happened in Our Town:  

Parents had honest conversations with their children 

about a racial incident.  The children were able to 

implement what they learned in another situation at school.


I read Juneteenth for Mazie by Floyd Cooper

A dad educates his daughter about how Juneteenth came about.


The links are storytime videos for the books.  Please feel free to 

post it these to the church's website.



Titles for Adults


Between the World and Me by Ta-henisi Coates



A Good Time for the Truth by Sun Yung Shin


A Prayer with Pastor Max

Take Action

Join in during September for 30 Days of Anti-Racism. This gives you one simple task you can do each day of September to continue to grow with society and become anti-racist.

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